What is Chat API?

Chat API (Application Programming Interface) provides access to the server infrastructure that provides full features, scalability, and stability needed for real-time chat and messaging.   What can you do with Chat API? Since a Chat API is only as important as the service it provides you, it might be more appropriate to ask, “What can …

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Messaging: The digitization of human interactions.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed a growth of an industry like no other: smartphones. The device adoption surpassed anything we’ve seen in the history of technology, and the single most popular app people use on smartphones is messaging. With a minimum social group (MSG) factor of 2, you only need one other person in your …

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Amazon Web Services

SendBird in AWS Hot Startups of August 2016

SendBird was selected as AWS Hot Startups in the latest issue of August 2016. Every month, Amazon Web Services (AWS) nominate three to four startups that are growing quickly on their platform and we’ve been featured this month. After graduating from accelerator Y Combinator W16 Batch, the company grew from 1,000,000 monthly chat users to 5,000,000 monthly chat …

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Redwood City Startup, SendBird.

We’re moved to Redwood City and now become a Redwood City Startup! SendBird has found a new nest in Redwood City! During our days at Y Combinator, being able to focus solely on our customers and the product was what kept us growing fast. That’s why we’ve decided to move our office from the busy San …

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SendBird at Y Combinator Demo Day Startup

SendBird is Top 3 Y Combinator Demo Day Startup

SendBird is selected as the top 3 fastest growing Y Combinator demo day startup for its W16 batch. We are super excited that Mattermark ranked SendBird as the top 3 fastest growing among Y Combinator W16 startups! Now that our demo day is over, we’re back to day-1. 🙂 We ranked this batch of Y Combinator companies …

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Y Combinator's Lesson: A Focused Culture for Growth

Y Combinator’s Focused Culture for Growth

One thing I’ve noticed going through Y Combinator was how consistent were the messages repeated by the partners, the staffs, and the alumni network. As a startup founder, you should do two things: “write code and talk to users.” The more recent version is: “build product, talk to customers, and exercise” – which I think …

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Swift Sample UI Released for SendBird

Great news: We’ve just released our iOS Swift Sample UI for SendBird’s chat API! Swift Sample Release – Feel free to check it out on our iOS documentation. We’ve been getting a lot of requests, but frankly, we’re still pretty early with the adoption of Swift in our team, so we’d definitely appreciate any feedbacks you may have. …

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JavaScript SDK Demo Website Using Chat API

Sample Website for Chat API and Web JavaScript SDK

We’ve been getting a lot of inbound inquiries about a demo product, so here it is: a sample website showcasing the features of SendBird’s chat API powered by our own Web JavaScript SDK. We provide two types of channels through our chat API: 1) Open Chat Channels (public chat rooms) and 2) Messaging Channels (private messaging and group messaging), and you …

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Our Experience Launching on Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a great place to show off your product, especially when you are launching. I’ve seen it grow from a side project of Ryan first introduced to me by Woosung a long time ago, all the way to the tech media prowess it has become today. We’ve been told by friends on how to use Product Hunt to gain …

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Sending Gift Songs through Messaging

Discovering a new favorite music is an amazing experience. When you find a new music you really like, you want to share it with people you relate to and you care about — your friends who share the love for music. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could share your favorite song with a tap of a button? BEAT …

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