How to build an Android chat app

How to build an Android chat app using a chat API

Messaging apps, once the exclusive realm of large tech companies, are becoming more ubiquitous due to the rise of chat APIs. This tutorial will enable you to create a messaging app from scratch, with only a few hundred lines of client-side code, and without the need for a server or even registration. This guide will be …

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A Guide to Writing API Documentation

Sharing innovative code has benefited software development since its inception. However, developers often overlook the documentation that accompanies code. The role of documentation is hardly trivial. Documentation engages the community and piques its curiosity with a product that would otherwise look like endless lines of incomprehensible code. The documentation then decodes the code, so to …

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Android Chat Tutorial: Building a Messaging UI

Despite their growing prevalence, chat and messaging apps continue to be tedious to implement. Official documentation is non-existent, while unofficial tutorials are scarce and generally outdated.     Colorful chat bubbles filled with text, images, even playable media–how do they do it? The answer is surprisingly simple: RecyclerViews, coupled with the ViewHolder pattern. This tutorial …

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SendBird 3.0 the newer faster richer in-app chat sdk

SendBird 3.0 the new in-app chat development tool is here!

SendBird 3.0, the new in-app chat SDK and API SendBird 3.0 is here! We are excited to bring our years work to light and are eager to see the performance, integration and implementation improvements from SendBird 3.0 help our customers embolden their service. We are back with faster chat API and richer and fuller messaging …

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Migrating to Amazon RDS Aurora

In the first place we used MariaDB 10 for main persistent storage. It is not just a drop-in replacement for MySQL but also provides better performance through the XtraDB engine so we didn’t have any performance issues. However we did face some problems regarding service that we thought would be solved if we moved to …

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Tutorial: Build a Messaging App Using React Native

Build a Messaging App Using React Native using SendBird This tutorial is based on SDK 2.0 outdated as of Sep. 2016.  Please refer to the updated sample built with SDK 3.0 here React and React Native is gaining a lot of momentum these days. For this tutorial, we’ll quickly build a messaging app using React Native with SendBird’s JavaScript SDK. 1. …

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Swift Sample UI Released for SendBird

Great news: We’ve just released our iOS Swift Sample UI for SendBird’s chat API! Swift Sample Release – Feel free to check it out on our iOS documentation. We’ve been getting a lot of requests, but frankly, we’re still pretty early with the adoption of Swift in our team, so we’d definitely appreciate any feedbacks you may have. …

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Build a Twitch-like Video Chat App in 10 Minutes

Tutorial: Build a Twitch-like Video Chat App in 10 Minutes

It’s fun to chat with friends while watching a live-event video stream. I really like sites like and thought it’d be cool to build a video chat app with a shared screen. Since I don’t have a live video stream feed to use right now, we’re going to build a chat app with YouTube videos and SendBird‘s chat …

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iOS Swift Integration – SendBird Now Supports Swift Integration

We’ve received many inbound inquiries about iOS Swift Integration and here’s our response! Thanks everybody for your interest in the iOS Swift Integration with SendBird We’re happy announce that we’ve updated our iOS SDK and it is now fully compatible with Swift (without a bridge-header). Please check out this document to see how you can use SendBird SDK in …

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