What is Chat API?

Chat API (Application Programming Interface) provides access to the server infrastructure that provides full features, scalability, and stability needed for real-time chat and messaging.   What can you do with Chat API? Since a Chat API is only as important as the service it provides you, it might be more appropriate to ask, “What can …

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Messaging: The digitization of human interactions.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed a growth of an industry like no other: smartphones. The device adoption surpassed anything we’ve seen in the history of technology, and the single most popular app people use on smartphones is messaging. With a minimum social group (MSG) factor of 2, you only need one other person in your …

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create a messaging application

Build vs buy – How to Create a Messaging Application Like WhatsApp

What do you need to create a messaging application like WhatsApp? Mobile messaging has been a global phenomenon and hence, in-app communication has become a global trend. Now, the question of the day for industry-leading companies have been around how to create a messaging application or service with a messaging feature, in-house development or by integrating …

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Live video streaming apps

Top 3 live video streaming apps using in-app chat api

Live video streaming apps of the year with SendBird The year 2016 has been a heightened year for the live video streaming industry. Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, and even Instagram have pushed forward their live video streaming services armed with in-app chat on top of the video content. For a majority of live content providers, platforms advancement …

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2016 Global Mobile Concierge Service Industry Landscape

Chris Messina wrote that conversational commerce is a becoming a major trend of 2016. It’s still early but we can learn the benefits and pitfalls of having conversational interfaces from mobile concierge services. 1. Mobile Concierge Service 1.0 “Hotels are expected to use a mix of on-site and mobile concierge services in the future.” — Global Trends …

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chat bot

Top 5 Mobile Service Areas for Chatbots and Conversational UI

Chatbots and Conversational UI are the Future: 5 Mobile Services That Are Ahead of the Curve Humans have had conversations since our brains developed the ability to express ourselves through language. Our thoughts, behaviors, and relationships are centered around the conversations we have in life. When building products, we discuss ideas and devise solutions with …

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