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Don’t try this at home: Why software engineers shouldn’t build chat in-house

Before I helped co-found SendBird as the Chief Technology Officer, I built chat as a feature for two products. Both

Harry Kim Chief Technology Officer

Pusher to discontinue Chatkit in April 2020

Pusher recently announced that it will deprecate the Chatkit product on April 23, 2020, so that it can narrow its

Adam Toth-Fejel
Adam Toth-Fejel Sales Engineer

Introducing SendBird Calls: APIs for Voice and Video

Today we’re launching SendBird Calls Voice API and SendBird Calls Video API, the fastest way to integrate high-quality 1:1 voice

KC Kern
KC Kern Product Manager

On-demand: A guide to implementing chat

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We’re in this together

Hi friends,  The recent development of COVID-19 has impacted our society disrupting the livelihood of individuals, families, and our communities.

John Kim
John Kim Chief Executive Officer

Introducing new chat features to facilitate global business, deepen engagement, and improve user safety

Chat is now mainstream. Everyday users send millions of messages on our customers’ platforms to engage with people that matter

Sarang Paramhans
Sarang Paramhans Product Marketer

Preparing for your Build vs Buy assessment

Deciding between building chat or purchasing an API service is often left to intuition or, even, the excitement about taking

Adam Toth-Fejel
Adam Toth-Fejel Sales Engineer

Bot interface and pong bot implementation

SendBird’s bot interface Connect any bot to SendBird so it can interact autonomously with users. Connect a bot to SendBird

Rommel Sunga
Rommel Sunga Solutions Engineer

Sending Preview URLs in messages containing links

URL preview Users send and receive links in an easily digestible format Preview websites linked in messages Users automatically send

Jason Allshorn
Jason Allshorn Solutions Engineer

Using asynchronous programming with SendBird’s JavaScript SDK

SendBird, JavaScript Frameworks, and Asynchronous Programming SendBird’s API and JavaScript SDK provide the tools you need to integrate chat and

Alex Orr
Alex Orr Solutions Engineer