SendBird at Y Combinator Demo Day Startup

SendBird is Top 3 Y Combinator Demo Day Startup

SendBird is selected as the top 3 fastest growing Y Combinator demo day startup for its W16 batch. We are super excited that Mattermark ranked SendBird as the top 3 fastest growing among Y Combinator W16 startups! Now that our demo day is over, we’re back to day-1. 🙂 We ranked this batch of Y Combinator companies …

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Our Experience Launching on Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a great place to show off your product, especially when you are launching. I’ve seen it grow from a side project of Ryan first introduced to me by Woosung a long time ago, all the way to the tech media prowess it has become today. We’ve been told by friends on how to use Product Hunt to gain …

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