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Making Video Apps Even More Engaging with Chat

A few months ago, Amazon bought Twitch.tv for a cool $1B ($970M to be exact) and Twitter bought Periscope for $86M. Both are live-broadcasting video apps, but they have one other important aspect in ...
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SendBird Web SDK (JavaScript) v2.0.1 Released!

Today, SendBird team released a new version of Web (JavaScript) SDK 2.0.1.
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Xamarin Messaging SDK for SendBird Released!

Announcement: Xamarin Messaging SDK has released now for SendBird We're super excited to release our Xamarin Messaging SDK for SendBird as an effort to support more platforms down the road. We've ...
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8 Messaging Apps that Shined Product Hunt

Looking back at the previous week on Product Hunt's Tech section, we dug up 8 messaging-related apps that got featured (excluding Slack Bots). As I skim through the hunts, I felt like we are getting ...
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9 Steps to Coming Up with a Good Enough Startup Name

Naming your baby is hard. Naming your startup is harder. Why? Because you can name your baby anything, but your startup name needs to be easy to spell back, be relevant (or just good enough) to your ...
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In-app messaging solution JIVER is rebranded as SendBird to leap forward in the global market

Tech startup JIVER, an in-app messaging solution for mobile apps and games, has rebranded itself as SendBird and revealed its new company website and logo.  In-app messaging solution JIVER is ...
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[SendBird Seoul Office Recruiting] Full-time Global Marketer - Closed

SendBird (formerly known as JIVER) is a global startup backed by Techstars’ London 2014 batch, providing the simplest in-app messaging solution, SendBird, to over 2,500 companies based around the ...
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Why does your mobile app need to have “in app messaging” instead of relying on other instant messaging apps?

If you run a mobile service or a startup, you may have considered integrating instant messaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger to share your contents or establish a user communication ...
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Tutorial: How to Build an iOS Messaging App in 15 Minutes

Please note that we've updated our iOS Messaging App Tutorial here. This tutorial is based on SDK 2.0 outdated as of Aug. 2016.  Please refer to the updated sample built with SDK 3.0 here Messaging ...
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Introducing SendBird’s Powerful Messaging Features, at a Glance

Many startups or app developers try to adopt a chatting or messaging feature into their mobile services. Messaging features enhance user-to-user communication inside a mobile service and also help ...
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