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Top 4 tech unicorns in APAC powered by SendBird's chat API

SendBird is a tech startup first founded in Korea. We’ve since moved our headquarters to the Silicon Valley, but we’ve retained our R&D office in Seoul, Korea. Now we power conversation and live ...
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Top 5 Predictions for Internet Video Streaming in 2018

  1. The FCC’s plan to repeal the 2015 Open Internet Order and net neutrality will be stalled in court, and consumers will watch cable and telecom companies like hawks
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How to build an iOS Messaging App: Part 2, Building a custom UI

This tutorial walks you through the steps necessary to build a custom UI for an iOS messaging app. It revises the default login view from the first tutorial into your shiney new app UI, using ...
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How to build an iOS messaging app: Part 1 - Basic Login View

This article implements a user interface for an iOS messaging app and develops the features to support messaging with SendBird.  Since Apple announced the new UI for iPhone X and iOS 11 at the last ...
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React Native Chat Tutorial #2 - Following the Redux pattern

This article reorganizes the previous tutorial so that we follow the Redux pattern. This may seem redundant, but Redux will help us organize our app's data flow at scale and make debugging ...
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2018 will propel direct-to-consumer sports streaming into a global standard

2018 will launch live sports streaming solutions into a global broadcasting standard. But it begs the question: if DTC sports streaming becomes the standard, how will each broadcaster differentiate ...
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27 insights about Chatbots from Customer Contact Week's Special Report

Customer Contact Week (CCW) recently released a special report on Chatbots. It details how businesses could implement chatbots in ways that are good for both business and customers, both automation ...
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React Native Chat Tutorial #1 - Build a chat app using SendBird

This is the first article in a series of React Native chat tutorials. After reading this article, you will: Create a simple React Native app Connect to SendBird with the SendBird Javascript SDK Use ...
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Engagement strategies for direct-to-consumer streaming services and live sports

By directing resources to direct-to-consumer streaming services, sports media launches a parallel growth strategy to its extremely lucrative TV business. It's a bid to personalize and optimize the ...
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Top Retail Trends from Retail West 2017

“The Other Big ‘A’ in E-Commerce.” That was the keynote to Retail West. And it hints at the latest concern in the Retail sector. That “A” is not Amazon. It’s Alibaba. But we know it may as well be ...
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