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US expansion of SendBird with Francis Marantal US Sales Manager

US expansion of SendBird SendBird is currently comprised of 15 total employees with 12 located in Korea and 3 in the US. 3 team members from our Korean team will be moving to the US within the next ...
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The Buzzword of the Moment is Chatbot, but Chatting is the Core of Human to Human Communication

Everyone is talking about chatbots these days. You already know what they are. Facebook opened up its Messenger platform to let chatbots in earlier this year. Twitter users trained Microsoft’s ...
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2016 Global Mobile Concierge Service Industry Landscape

Chris Messina wrote that conversational commerce is a becoming a major trend of 2016. It’s still early but we can learn the benefits and pitfalls of having conversational interfaces from mobile ...
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Top 5 Mobile Service Areas for Chatbots and Conversational UI

Chatbots and Conversational UI are the Future: 5 Mobile Services That Are Ahead of the Curve Humans have had conversations since our brains developed the ability to express ourselves through ...
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3 Best Ways to Implement Conversational Commerce

Messaging is the future. From mobile commerce to conversational commerce, if you’re not adopting some kind of mobile conversations in your business you will be behind. Messaging apps have surpassed ...
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Redwood City Startup, SendBird.

We've moved to Redwood City and have now become a Redwood City Startup! SendBird has found a new nest in Redwood City!
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SendBird is Top 3 Y Combinator Demo Day Startup

SendBird is selected as the top 3 fastest growing Y Combinator demo day startup for its W16 batch. We are super excited that Mattermark ranked SendBird as the top 3 fastest growing among Y Combinator ...
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Migrating to Amazon RDS Aurora

In the first place we used MariaDB 10 for main persistent storage. It is not just a drop-in replacement for MySQL but also provides better performance through the XtraDB engine so we didn’t have any ...
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Tutorial: Build a Messaging App Using React Native

Note: We've updated this tutorial and sample code as of 11/10/2017. Please see the first article in our new React Native Chat tutorial series here.   Build a Messaging App Using React Native using ...
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Y Combinator's Focused Culture for Growth

One thing I’ve noticed going through Y Combinator was how consistent were the messages repeated by the partners, the staffs, and the alumni network. As a startup founder, you should do two things: ...
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