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Participate in the Developer Economics Survey Q2 2018

 The State of the Developer Nation 15th edition is a report that promises to bring insights into the developer economy and the latest trends in software.

Every year over 40,000 developers from over 160 countries participate in the Developer Economics survey to contribute their opinions and experience to better our collective knowledge about developers.

This year, SendBird would like to participate and help the survey represent the most diverse swathe of the developer community possible.  

 Who participates in the Developer Economics Survey?

A global community of 40,000+ developers working on cloud, mobile, desktop, IoT, AR/VR, machine learning, data science, web, backend, and gaming.

What will SlashData ask me?

Questions vary depending on your key areas of interest or competency, but they ask general information about your current projects, how you work, what tools and platforms you use, and so on.

Whether you’re a student learning to code or you’ve been a developer since FORTRAN, you will be able to answer the questions with aplomb.

 Take the survey now

What do I gain from completing the survey?

There are great prizes amenable to developers - mobile devices, VR headsets, and educational opportunities - and you’ll be the first to hear the insights about the developer community gleaned from the survey.

  • By completing the survey you are entered to win a Samsung S9 Plus, iPhone X, HTC Vive Pro, HP Mixed Reality Headset with Motion Controllers, and others
  • You’ll receive a personalized card with your responses and get first access to the State of the Developer Nation Report Q2 2018.
  • Find out what kind of sci-fi themed developer you are! Are you an Invader, a Charmer, a Fork Whisperer? Take the survey to find your developer personality.


Why does SendBird care?

SendBird is invested in the developer community and would always like to learn more about it, so we would like this survey to represent the most diverse and broad range of developers possible. We hope this information will help SendBird better address the needs and trends in the developer community, and, ultimately, deliver you better content, customer experiences, and products.

SlashData is an independent research firm tracking the developer economy, trends in software and hardware, and other topics relevant to developers. This survey is brought to you by them. SendBird doesn’t collect any of your personal information from this survey.

Please read SlashData’s Terms and Conditions to find out how they award prizes, handle your data, and protect your privacy.


Can I fill out the survey now?

Yes, please. The survey is open until July 1st 2018.


 Take the Survey Now

Or, in Korean:


오늘 참여를 부탁드려요!


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Alek is a Marketing Manager at SendBird. He received his Ph.D. in English Literature at UC Berkeley in 2017 and B.S in Mechanical Engineering before that. He loves to see problems clearly, find solutions, and tell great stories about them.

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