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SendBird 3.0 the new in-app chat development tool is here!

SendBird 3.0 the new in-app chat development tool is here!

Jan 11, 2017

SendBird 3.0, the new in-app chat SDK and API

SendBird 3.0 is here! We are excited to bring our years work to light and are eager to see the performance, integration and implementation improvements from SendBird 3.0 help our customers embolden their service. We are back with faster chat API and richer and fuller messaging SDK to help implement in-app chat with a top-notch integration experience. In addition, SendBird 3.0 is augmented with new features that enable new ways of communication previously unavailable. Better yet, SendBird 3.0 is a free upgrade!

SendBird 3.0

Our goals for SendBird 3.0

  1. Introduce new features to enable new types of in-app chat
  2. Rigorously improve performance
  3. Make integration easier (than ever before)

New features in SendBird 3.0

  1. Announcement API
    • Send admin messages and marketing messages to end users
  2. Advanced moderation
    • Monitor contents of group channels and open channels through our new Dashboard. Mute and deactivation supported on client UI
  3. Simultaneous multi-channel communication
    • Supports same time, shared connection in multiple group channels and open channels without hopping around channels
  4. Auto-thumbnail generation
    • Automatically generates thumbnail images for attachments, rendered in chat bubbles
  5. Auto translation
    • Supports auto translation of messages in more than 20 different languages.
  6. Webhook API
    • Forwards all messages to client’s designated servers

What we have been focusing on to improve for SendBird 3.0

One of our core focus was to improve performance. We frequently roll out performance improvement regardless, however, this time we were able to make major restructuring to significantly improve SendBird’s performance.

  1. 2x faster initial connection
    • Optimized SSL connection and user authentication
  2. 20% increase in delivery speed
    • More efficient message queuing introduced
  3. 10x more delivery capacity per server instance
    • Completely rewrote edge/api server codes from scratch

The second part of our focus was to increase integration speed and reduce integration steps to make SendBird 3.0 an exceptional experience. Now, you can begin testing SendBird integration within minutes.

  1. Minimized integration code to as few as 20 lines
  2. Friendlier SDK interface and simpler class structure
  3. Additional package manager support for Carthage and Npm (and more to come soon!)

Platforms we currently support

We currently service multiple major platforms including iOS, Android, JavaScript, Unity3D, Xamarin and .NET. Read our documentation here.

Spring 2017 updates to come

  1. Offline messaging support
    • Preload messages even without connection
  2. Customer support admin tool
    • Supports all functionalities needed for customer support and business to customer communication
  3. Full-text search
    • Provides search functionality within chat rooms

We're Hiring!
Help SendBird build the world's no. 1 messaging platform
We're Hiring!
Help SendBird build the world's no. 1 messaging platform
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