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SendBird blog re-designed - Features and updates

SendBird blog re-designed - Features and updates

Apr 09, 2019

We’re excited to announce that we’ve updated the SendBird blog - a change you’ve no doubt noticed already in the vibrant, stimulating color palette, the font so readable that it seems every word arises in your mind as though it were your own thought, the perfectly formatted text, and the feeling of equanimity, peace, and curiosity you’re currently feeling.

As the chat & messaging API space continues to grow, as knowledge in the market matures, as more and more developers build on top of our product, as our clients bring ever better messaging experiences to their users, we need a place to arrange and organize the lessons learned by each of these crucial elements. This blog will aim to do just that.

As recent as last week, the SendBird blog emphasized the individual article without giving the curious and excited another way to read and digest. This update will give readers multiple axes to explore SendBird’s content.

Just as in-app chat and messaging gains greater articulation as a space – as a suite of products or a market that businesses leverage – this blog will aim to be its dwelling place, where you can explore, learn, and follow threads of thought from room to room, read one article and then another of interest, or find the latest news from SendBird.

Here are the updates.

Blog Changelog 

The central changes of the blog aim toward better discovery. They allow our readers to engage us in a few fundamental ways. Readers can:

  1. Read curated articles selected by editorial choice, by most popular among our readership, or simply by most recent;
  2. More easily browse according to their own interest and follow that interest from one article to the next;
  3. Follow several axes to discover and glean lessons from SendBird’s work, whether through our new search, category tags, or author profiles.


Our new layout allows us to curate the articles most relevant to our readership. You’ll notice

  • Editor’s Pick – chosen for its relevance to recent news, or importance to SendBird’s customers or community
  • Most Read – articles with the most hearty and abundant affirmations from our readers
  • Most Recent – the latest articles written by the SendBird team or experts in various fields
New categories like Engineering or Insights help readers find new content

Each of these organizes the main page for each of our main categories:

  • Engineering – Technical articles, experiments, insights, or tutorials driven by the SendBird product and engineering team, and community
  • Product – Updates about our product, feature highlights, everything product related
  • Customers - Stories and lessons sourced directly from our customers
  • Insights – Lessons learned about implementation, business or markets having to do with chat and messaging
  • SendBird – News or articles about SendBird, the company, its careers, or culture


A couple of features help readers discover or follow the errant path of their interest or other associative faculties:

  • A new and improved search ensures that you’ll be able to find the article you read a month ago or quickly scan our archive for articles on a specific topic
  • The main categories give you faster access to groups of articles on a specific topic
  • Click an author’s profile to read the breadth of their work on the SendBird blog

New search, category tags, and author profiles give new ways to discover content

  • Related articles at the bottom of each blog suggest other good reads

  • Share SendBird more easily with your colleagues and friends with prominent social sharing buttons

Social buttons give readers an easier way to share SendBird content

There are amazing improvements in this update. I’m humbled by how beautiful it is. And we’re excited for you to browse, read and share SendBird.

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We're Hiring!
Help SendBird build the world's no. 1 messaging platform
We're Hiring!
Help SendBird build the world's no. 1 messaging platform
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