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SendBird breaks into the 25 best Messaging and Chat apps

GetApp, a platform for discovering apps and software for businesses, ranked SendBird among the 25 best messaging and chat apps and softwares for Q4 2017. We ranked 25th overall. Although we hope to one day reach #1 by delivering our customers the best product possible, we’re excited to break into the top 25.


Whether you’re working product- or business-side, we hope you consider this a strong endorsement of our product and customer service. This is GetApp’s explicit goal. “GetApp Category Leader ranking is for business owners and decision makers,” they write on their ranking’s page, “looking for a comprehensive list of the leading cloud-based software products in the industry.”


Team collaboration and work messaging use-cases dominate the “Instant messaging and chat” category. The top 5 tools, for example, are Slack, Skype, Microsoft Team, HipChat and talkspirit. With the exception of Skype, perhaps, each of these is a chat tool or telecommunication service for the workplace.


SendBird is notable among the top 25 because it is the only software in its class. Since SendBird is a chat API, we can contribute to a broad range of use-cases from e-commerce, social and community applications to fintech, media streaming, and gaming. No other software can boast the same diversity of use-cases in GetApp’s ranking.


This adaptability speaks to 3 qualities that SendBird is proud of:


  1. We’re the world’s most scalable chat. In recent load tests, we’ve reached 1 million concurrent users. That means that each app can support up to 1 million concurrent users. That’s a half-billion messages per day per app.
  2. We’re a fully customizable enterprise chat solution. Beyond business collaboration, we can help customize chat for your on-demand service, e-commerce, live video streaming, eSports, media and content, fintech, healthcare, gaming, dating-app, or social or community app.
  3. The integrity of your brand means a lot to us. White-label software isn’t common among APIs. That’s why SendBird is a unique chat solution, providing one of the few availab le white-label options. Meaning that your chat is your brand. And moderation tools, profanity filtering, automatic message throttling, auto-translation help your brand remain positive, constructive, and aligned with your values.


Being listed as one of the world’s top chat solutions would not be possible without you, our customers. We work tirelessly to empower you to support and maintain the best conversations to fit your needs. Thank you for your continuing support. We look forward to contributing to your future success.


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How GetApp ranks software

GetApp ranks apps independent of any relationship they have with vendors. It impartially judges the apps based on 5 categories important to businesses: user perception, integrations, mobile compatibility, market presence and security.


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Alek is a Marketing Manager at SendBird. He received his Ph.D. in English Literature at UC Berkeley in 2017 and B.S in Mechanical Engineering before that. He loves to see problems clearly, find solutions, and tell great stories about them.

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