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SendBird in AWS Hot Startups of August 2016

SendBird was selected as AWS Hot Startups in the latest issue of August 2016.

Every month, Amazon Web Services (AWS) nominate three to four startups that are growing quickly on their platform and we've been featured this month.

After graduating from accelerator Y Combinator W16 Batch, the company grew from 1,000,000 monthly chat users to 5,000,000 monthly chat users within months while handling millions of new messages daily across live-video streaming, games, ecommerce, and consumer apps. Customers found value in having a cross-platform, full-featured, and whole-stack approach to a real-time chat API and SDK which can be deployed in a short period of time.

SendBird chose AWS to build a robust and scalable infrastructure to handle a massive concurrent user base scattered across the globe.

We've been investing pretty heavily on the backend to make sure we build the most scalable and robust infrastructure for real-time messaging and Amazon has been a great platform helping SendBird grow to where we are today. We have built our backend to be able to process more than 100,000 concurrent participants per chat channel, suitable for media, live-video streaming apps, and also for games with clan or guild chats.

In order to "make conversations universally accessible, engaging, and valuable", we will continue to invest in our backend to grow from 5 million to 500 million monthly chat users and build a strong technological leadership in real-time messaging.

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