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Push notifications - In app messaging or SMS?

Push notifications powered by an in app chat and messaging platform are often compared to SMS. But comparing them directly is like comparing apples to oranges. This article discusses SMS and its ...
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In-game chat - Build your brand's community into your game

In-game chat is a great way to nurture social players in your game. There are many technologies for building real-time chat and messaging into your game and creating Slack-like functionality for your ...
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IP Messaging - Benefits & Consumer Expectations

Since the maturity of the messenger app market, consumer expectations for messaging experiences are extremely high. Invitations, multimedia, structured messages, typing indicators, read receipts, ...
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5 Customer Success Lessons and Stories from CSS 2018

There were so many valuable insights from CSS 2018 that my only frustration about the event was that I couldn’t go to everything. Nonetheless, I would like to distill what I’ve learned into 5 lessons ...
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How to choose between SendBird and Firebase

SendBird endorses Proof of Concept (POC) comparisons There’s no better comparison than the one you and your team conduct independently. SendBird thinks it’s essential to develop first-hand experience ...
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GDC 2018 - How to prepare yourself and other helpful GDC resources

GDC Basics Going to the Game Developer Conference (GDC)? Great. You will meet interesting people, drum up business and brand awarness, have fun, and learn a lot.
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Live streaming and chat - How interaction drives sales conversion & user engagement

Live streaming has exploded. And to tap into the immediacy of the live event, live streaming has created a strong synergy between chat and messaging. It is now standard for live streaming to pair ...
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Live Commerce is here. Is your company ready to take advantage?

In the past few years, companies and brands have tried to leverage live video streaming to relative success. While most of these companies used live streaming to grow awareness or increase user ...
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Top 4 tech unicorns in APAC powered by SendBird's chat API

SendBird is a tech startup first founded in Korea. We’ve since moved our headquarters to the Silicon Valley, but we’ve retained our R&D office in Seoul, Korea. Now we power conversation and live ...
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Top 5 Predictions for Internet Video Streaming in 2018

  1. The FCC’s plan to repeal the 2015 Open Internet Order and net neutrality will be stalled in court, and consumers will watch cable and telecom companies like hawks
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