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How to choose between SendBird and Firebase

SendBird endorses Proof of Concept (POC) comparisons There’s no better comparison than the one you and your team conduct independently. SendBird thinks it’s essential to develop first-hand experience ...
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GDC 2018 - How to prepare yourself and other helpful GDC resources

GDC Basics Going to the Game Developer Conference (GDC)? Great. You will meet interesting people, drum up business and brand awarness, have fun, and learn a lot.
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SendBird Hiring Spotlight: Infrastructure Engineer

Welcome to the inaugural SendBird Hiring Spotlight. This series will periodically showcase a position available at SendBird and discuss why it is uniquely attractive to work at the SendBird nest.
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Live streaming and chat - How interaction drives sales conversion & user engagement

Live streaming has exploded. And to tap into the immediacy of the live event, live streaming has created a strong synergy with chat and messaging. It is now standard for live streaming to pair live ...
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How to use the Data Export feature on SendBird's dashboard

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the Data Export feature from your SendBird dashboard.  Data Export is a premium feature for SendBird's dashbaord.
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Live Commerce is here. Is your company ready to take advantage?

In the past few years, companies and brands have tried to leverage live video streaming to relative success. While most of these companies used live streaming to grow awareness or increase user ...
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Join SendBird at Developer Week 2018 - Get a Free OPEN Pass

SendBird is sponsoring Developer Week 2018 February 3-7, 2018 at the Oakland Convention Center. We’re looking forward to seeing all the captivating talks, seeing the great products, and meeting the ...
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SendBird--2016's Top New Tool--voted into Stackshare's top 10 Utility Tools of 2017

We at SendBird love Stackshare . So we’re happy to announce that we’re in the top 50 developer tools for 2017 and the top 10 utility tools! After being the #1 New Tool in 2016, this is the second ...
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How to use the moderation tools in SendBird's dashboard

SendBird’s moderation tools allow you to monitor and regulate the conversation in both open and group channels.
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How to build an iOS messaging app: Part 5, Creating an Open Channel

This tutorial teaches you to implement a view controller to create an open channel. This view controller uses a channel name, operators, a channel URL, and a cover image. This tutorial also covers ...
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