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In-app messaging for on-demand apps: Transparent communication on demand

In an ideal situation, the on-demand experience requires little communication. There’s no waiting, no mistakes on an order, no software or technical issues, no traffic, no miscommunication - ...
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How in-app messaging can help marketplaces achieve liquidity

Since connecting supply-side and demand-side is the fundamental task of marketplaces, it’s easy to see why in-app messaging complements this market so well. Nothing else so directly connects and ...
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Product Comparison: SendBird Chat and Messaging vs. Layer

When searching for an in-app chat and messaging SDK, you might compare SendBird and Layer's chat. Although Layer is an older company than SendBird, their improvements in technology have not matched ...
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Product Comparison: SendBird vs. Pusher's Chatkit

SendBird and Pusher's Chatkit are two solutions companies might consider for building chat and messaging into an application. Pusher is a generic real-time infrastructure and Chatkit is currently one ...
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SendBird Granted ISO 27001 Certification

SendBird is proud to announce that we have been granted the ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 certification. This certification demonstrates SendBird’s commitment to maintaining and improving our information ...
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Chatbot platform tools - The messaging and bot interface, Part 1

There are a lot of chatbot platforms for building and developing chatbots. But the next step - where you place your chatbot - is an often ignored consideration. Every chatbot needs a messaging ...
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Conversational banking - How KB is shaping the future of banking

How did a seemingly small idea - replacing SMS with IP-messaging in a banking app for a developing country - lead to the fundamental transformation of digital banking built on chat as a platform?
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SendBird Feature Update - July 11, 2018

Our engineers have been hard at work adding a ton of new features, but, unfortunately, you may not have known it because the features haven’t always been updated in our documentation. We’re changing ...
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Echelon Asia Summit 2018: Flying Startups into the Future

Last week, SendBird's APAC team travelled from Seoul to Singapore, a city-state as beautiful as it is humid. I had visited Singapore just over a month earlier, for the Tech in Asia conference. This ...
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How messaging could revolutionize online real estate marketplaces

Online real estate marketplaces are entering the on-demand economy. Communication will have to travel at the speed of consumer demand, so that real estate could capture leads at their highest intent ...
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