Slush 2016

Bay area startup visits Slush 2016 in Helsinki

Tips and overview of Slush 2016, the largest startup event in the world To those of you preparing for the Slush 2017, we dearly hope this will help you get an idea of what to expect, what to look for and how to make the most out of Slush 2017. What is Slush? Slush is …

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Y Combinator's Lesson: A Focused Culture for Growth

Y Combinator’s Focused Culture for Growth

One thing I’ve noticed going through Y Combinator was how consistent were the messages repeated by the partners, the staffs, and the alumni network. As a startup founder, you should do two things: “write code and talk to users.” The more recent version is: “build product, talk to customers, and exercise” – which I think …

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Startup SendBird Story┃Why we have built SendBird

[Startup SendBird Story] Many developers yearn to increase user engagement while optimizing the user experience on their mobile apps. A key trend emerged as a means to achieving these goals: implementing real-time messaging in their apps. However, what users expect from real-time communication are getting more complex and sophisticated as mobile messengers are already deeply …

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