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Startup SendBird Story┃Why we have built SendBird

Many developers yearn to increase user engagement while optimizing the user experience on their mobile apps. A key trend emerged as a means to achieving these goals: implementing real-time messaging in their apps.

However, what users expect from real-time communication are getting more complex and sophisticated as mobile messengers are already deeply embedded into their mobile lives. So, it is becoming even more challenging for developers to meet the rising expectations of their users due to lack of resources.

For developers looking to develop in-app messaging/chat features, there are many things to consider, including transferring multimedia, reliability, and scalability to handle sudden surges and fast growth, unique features covering different use cases such as read receipts and typing indicators. All these bits and pieces add up to your release schedule, and since one month is like a year in a startup life-cycle, this may hurt your time-to-market strategy, or even mean life-and-death when your competitor makes the first move.

We believe SendBird will help developers significantly to take advantage of real-time communication features in a faster and an easier way.

In app messaging as a future - SendBird story


How we came upon our idea 

SendBird, the simplest communication solution, started out as a side-project when we developed an instant messaging feature for our own games and social apps. Our team already experienced the importance and key challenges of developing chat features as we ran Paprika Lab, a social gaming company (acq. by GREE ‘12), and Smile Mom, a local mom’s community app.

We have learned that by providing real-time communication to the users, they engaged with the app much more easily, because users started having conversations with others, learning and building on top of others’ experiences. Not just that, it is simply amazing to see how relationships people developed through the conversations can also lead to new business opportunities.

By focusing on the values we were creating, we have defined our mission, which is to help people and businesses to have the most engaging conversations and make them genuinely valuable.

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